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2007-03-20 13:30


Fick lust att skriva igår och valde att skriva på engelska, vilket e min första engelska.
Anyway, ge gärna kritik, både om ni tycker den e bra elr usel!

I haven't seen you in a while, nor have I heard from you.
My only clue is that you haven't read or answered any of the mails I've sent to you...
Have you got a new girlfriend, have you grown fat?
Please answer this letter, ‘cause I would really like to know more than that.
The only thing I've heard is that you got busted for graffiti and weed.
I've told you not to do that in the letters that you don't read.
I've wrote you'll die quicker, I've wrote it's not good for your health.
Please listen to me, dickhead; you're only killing yourself...
Especially with that sickness you have, I know it sucks.
But the thing that makes me so mad is that you don't give a fuck...
So why don't you answer me, are you always busy?
Or are you just doin' this shit just to diss me?
Just listen to me, just one or two more times!
I can't do this shit forever, man, I'm soon out of rhymes!
Anyway, please get back to how you were for about a year ago.
Just for a day or weekend, maybe even come overe here, bro!
Anyway, I won't stop writin' to ya, there's no end!
Not weird that I do, since you've always been my bro and friend!


Yooooo, Danzeeeeeel!
Västerort foh Life!