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2007-08-31 07:40


 lite freestyle min buss går om 4 minuter:)
 yo this is lil kk doin it live
he´s so fly, screwing chicks sayn goodbye
cause im the right person
 at the right time
girl i wanna make u mine
when i se that ass workin that floor
2 seconds, and ur my no1 hoe
cause the pimp is here
 chillin on my pimp chair
bring me my pimp staff
or ima slap your face forth n back
now im running out of time n vocabulary
meanwhile im ordering a bitch a bloodymary
i so rich i donate 1000000 dollars for charity
in a little konsum box at the cashmachine
n forth i lean, i got 5 diamond rings im a sex machine xD
i hate whoa , you know why
cause to all reason the say goodbye
they dont know what i rhyme is ,neither what time it is
even if a clock were in their faces
  they would compain, about nånting :)

ni bölar o vet inte vad rapp är ni suger alla åsnekuk:)

did u know ur moma has a deep throat ?