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RazzleN - Hurricane (vers)

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2013-04-07 12:28

RazzleN - Hurricane (vers)

How many lines can fit in a lifetime
just to let me know one wish to put me down now
Do not feel pity about me, try to understand why my
need is to make this work cause I have the right time.
Building up my blueprint & burning all the school things.
Everything I did there was so motherfuckin' stupid.
Even if I'm losin' and even if your foolin'
I'm proud to say; I do it and I am not a cool kid.
I trusted in my words and I confronted the laziness
Only time I'm hurt is when I drop my own confidence
Like I didn't have the balls to go and dial some friends,
and I was to scared to even give a girl a compliment.
If that has made me weak then it should be a evidence
but everything I see is me provoked the living hell
If you're one of billions that maybe feel the same
You should be the one that sings the song about the hurricane

Do yourself a favor tie your laces be yourself and strive for aces.