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Strive For Aces

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2013-04-17 15:23

Strive For Aces

I was born right-handed but gets treated as a lefty.
If I am remarkable then please at least respect me
& fuck contributions, give it to a guy that pleads it
I'm a human-being willing to sacrifice my kidneys
My kidneys is at high risk so if I doesn't take the pills
I'm not going to survive it. Do you think I'm lying?
I doesn't need attention. I'm satisfied with angels. It
feels like I'm a exception cuz I would've got suspended
cuz I was never present in my school with my assistants.
They was my attendants; I would never be affected
At least that was my thought & it became my ending
I took a thousand steps & you would never take it
If it wasn't for my faith then why did I do a favor
For my basement and stayed that's not even average
But if you had a life like mine you would just fake it
I can only tie my laces, be myself and strive for aces.

Do yourself a favor tie your laces be yourself and strive for aces.