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Need A Break

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2013-06-18 20:22

Need A Break

Inte skrivit på ett tag.. men råkade få till det här. Lämna gärna en kommentar!

I don't deserve to be served with this first aid
but I deserve to be heard until it's too late
to say the least when I freeze on this cold stage
Living free on these fields like the earthquakes
I need the key to get free from this sealed cage
Whippin' through the freeway, seeks change
But I just wanna be straight until the beat fades
& make you relate or make you entertained
Feeling ache, wheelchairs are my second help
Everything I say makes me blame myself again
for the way I am but that is just my packaging
Different but that is why I needed change
You see happiness, I cleared my conscious state
and I would guess you see a lot of other shades
If I wasn't hungry fridges would be dealing cakes
properly. Probably I could say I need a break
& kill myself only just to see if I'm awake.

Do yourself a favor tie your laces be yourself and strive for aces.