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2013-10-17 02:06


There's no way home or neither lifeboats; because I was born like Jason

Differences is that my weapons is my paper and my pencil

Both of us should've the strongest temple

To do the toughest work until we can build ourselves a temple

Music is just like playing baseball on a strange court

Cause the harder I work the luckier I'll get to make it rain scores

That's why I'm going to the end of the rainbow

What's the treasure? Massive succes is called my main goal

that'll be my revenge for everyone that strapped me to a flag pole

I've came a long way ever since I was born with these vocal chords

Sacrificed my whole life for music without changing course

I don't wanna be local more, already I have opened several doors

But nothing ever worked, but I ain't giving up even if I'm feeling stuck

I'll find a way to make myself get loose & get myself paid.. so double up!

Do yourself a favor tie your laces be yourself and strive for aces.