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Through a Monocle..

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2013-12-05 00:32

Through a Monocle..

Längesen man lade upp något här, men jag skrev klart en liten vers ikväll som jag blev nöjd med som jag hoppas nån ska gilla! Vet att det kan finnas en del grammatikfel.. Å radbrytningen här på Whoa kan nog vara helt åt helvete.

I'm staring through a monocle and I see obstacles
but never will they ever break me. I'm building myself up like a bionicle.
I'd call it logical that this chronicle has a task to aid me
While the aid kit's empty, no one by my side, must my parents help me?
That's the reason to why you will always hate me
I see you're trying to be nice but please stop fake it, cause for ages
I've been trying to live up to these expectations in a basement
& then you're asking me why I'm looking anxious
Let's face it - I'm driving in this wheelchair and I'm dying to go to heaven
and I'm trying to find my placement,
It's like I'm flying in a spaceship
Lucky me I was born like Jason
Only differences we have is that my weapons is my paper and my pencil
And the parable is that we have the smartest temple
To do the required work so we can build ourselves a temple
In the Future, maybe I would take an 8 mile walk in Rabbit's trailer
To come to realize that I'm already in a fucked up sitution.

Do yourself a favor tie your laces be yourself and strive for aces.