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MarboJ Ft. Delila Mikkola - Engelsk låt

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2013-12-07 15:23

MarboJ Ft. Delila Mikkola - Engelsk låt

Tjenare whoa!
Första gången jag skriver en engelsk låt och jag behöver lite krititism från andra som skriver engelska låtar!

Tycket det har börjat bra men ingen aning om det skulle vara något jag ska ändra på lite grand kanske.
All kritik sökes!


Have you ever looked around?/
Ever took a spin/
If you flipped your head sideways/
You would see everything/

Open your eyes,yo go make a smile/
Appreciate the small things/
That makes you pride/

If you ever feel like this/
If you ever feel like me/
You gotta take the next path/
You gotta disagree/

You gotta lead/
You can't be following/
Take the point for you, its easygoing/
Just to see/
Just to clarify to me/

Have you ever been wondering?/
How its supposed to be?/
Never ever somehow/

Doublecrossed the river now/
Tried to get it by/
But nothing works for me/
I never been that guy/

Will I never see the light/
Will I ever come there/
I been a really bad guy/
But I regret it all I swear/

Been doin' that shit for now/
but It's all the passed/
Im a new man with a new chance/
I regret it all I swear (2) Echo /


If people understood/
How life could be/
Then the human race would be another diffuculty/
Im glad that I am religiously/

Cuz if I wouldn't believe,then I could never see/
A person that with failure, but also with succed/
Could reach the top, all by hes breed/
A happy family, that will never see/
How it's actually supposed to be/

(Ej färdig)

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