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Användaren är inte inloggad S.T.I.C.S X34

Från Skåne län / Sweden
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2012-07-26 02:20

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”This group has truly been an inspiration to me (…)” – Amir Sulaiman (US) Def Jam Poet, 2010.

Apart from the international sound of melodic acoustic soul, it is the intelligent angle on social and societal issues that really makes up the essence of S.T.I.C.S.

S.T.I.C.S. or Sound That Inspires Conscious Souls, have managed to inspire and provoke their audience with lyrics and music that challenges the boarders of acoustic soul, hip-hop and spoken word. S.T.I.C.S. consists of four members who in 2004 merged their individual cultural backgrounds and musical influences from Bosnia, Denmark, Zanzibar & Sweden. They have since then been performing around the world from Beijing to London, warming up for the legendary acts like Talib Kweli, Angie Stone, Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), toured with the American rapper One Be Lo, playing alongside Amir Sulaiman and were in 2010 shortlisted for Best Upcoming Act at the Best African Achievement Awards.

With this being said, S.T.I.C.S. is a group that truly draws upon an international perspective to life, as they literally cross boarders on a regular basis to get together. They have also displayed their lyrical competences by achieving two first places in the National Swedish Poetry Slam Championships in 2007 and 2010 as well as a top 5 placement at the Scottish National Poetry Slam Championships, making their mark within the elite beyond the realm of music.

S.T.I.C.S have also had the pleasure of playing alongside- and warming up for: Maher Zain, Petter, Karen Mukupa, Blues, Kuku Agami, Mc Clemens, Houman Sebghati, Jonas Rendbo, Mzungu Kichaa, Mohammed Ali, Advance Patrol, Asha Ali and Illstar-allstars to name a few.

S.T.I.C.S. Management

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