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Användaren är inte inloggad silk_treadz P45

Från Stockholm / Stockholms län / Sweden
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2010-10-10 14:27

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Bboys got me steamin, bout to flip my lid
F**k around, and I proceed to blow your back out, kid
(Boom!) Not to say I'm on a violent tip
But my hand stays on the floor, in case you start some shit
Cause I been breaking since way back when
Straight up and from the heart is how it's always been
Now punk suckers wanna test me
But all that tiggedy-tiggedy trick-twistin shit don't impress me
It's just a phase, and you know damn well
That you'll fall off in a minute, cause that shit don't sell
Funny how you think you could surpass me, or outlast me
With that bullshit style, you're fallin fast, gee
See, I suggest you go back where you came from
(Your style, and my style) Come on, don't play, son
See, the days of payin dues is over
I'm a little fed up, and it's time that I show ya
We battle one time, you're dead, no sequel

(Your style, and my style - come on yo, no equal)

You know we're number one
Competition is none