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Från Kristinehamn / Värmlands län / Sweden
Torbjörn Zadik
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2014-01-03 08:03

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Lost my connection to eye'n'eye feel the pain of my soul going into a jungle of pain and miss belifes a globe stuck in my mind tears that stops flowing the onece i one time loved all leaved me for something else these drugs tear my hole life apart Devils are always hunting us were ever we go. You always have two sides from were you are my roots got cruched for the first time never tought it would feel so bad i lookat tomorow with emptyness there is a feeling of everything is gone but still there must always be light out of this darkness of hate wonder what happends to all creations but guessed i tryed to be something i was not but my old self is not there anymore it got to hurt aswell of everything that happend ganja can really shake your hole world upside down i had everything i dreamt about then lost it all in a second of illusion feels like i cant see out anymore

And i cannot look inside myself a lonley creature turned in to something else i became something i never wanted to be but followed the wrong advice But the truth in loosing all gives you strenght to push it futher. i will never end my life let someone else take it from me see if he can uplift my burden of the world iam stuck in there is nothing in this loonley bubble all got carreyd away but bigger and braver then myself so while they go on i lay hoping for some life force will bring me back to life love is always out there love is for all not just for some i wonder where my grandparents went on with there turn of death wonder where my parts went and why these deamons always complains think they are better or worst but we all in this togheter no matter what so dont let them get me down there sorrow aint the same as mine they have been crushed in theire own way i miss eye'n'eye most of all there was always something there but the war of them completly destroys me for this time but i will find back and be myself and nothing else

there are so mutch things in life worth fighting for no time to give up now the dreams of being with the once you live and die for is still out there. worth every sacrifice even if its backfire. allmighty saved me from the hell i was entering so there is always a way out strangest thing is that i still want my herb after what's doing but a world full of les and stomping on each other aint no dream world to beginn with. But every one is doing what they can i still see something in people wonder if the dreams will come back to me i used to have my small dreams as a creature but when eyes got opend i realized its more then just dreams its what makes it worth fighting for one day shall find our paradise but the tears got away emptyness is what iam left with but i will get back rise up again more casuese then last time not let my heart be broken so easely see you on the flipside my dreamers

iam the hardcore niggha that william and billy tryed to be but as i have no feelings i was all that it was. i educated them it aint about color or race no black white or yellow can conquer me as iam the creater of god i made up the bible and koran. You can call me the allmighty one as iam above the immortals i fucked the three devils cause i aint got no dream for this world of evolution. iam the niggha that enslaved all human kind as i make lions and threes bow for me. iam the man you all´n´all wanted to be.

i saw my vision lay beyond mount zion as i continue my search for what may frighten us in this world of illusions i draw strenght from my fire that dwells within my soul of revolution as i dream about fighting through my holy war of evolution as i search for answers beyond my dreams of god the allmighty creator to the end of our times my tyrani as a slave master continues iam here to defeat and defend my codes of honor that runes throught my blood

as i wonderd as a forgotten soul in babylons paradise i search for my deepest fears whitin this world of creation i shall keep on fighting untill i find the angels whitin once again whitin my dreams of freedom. i have ended the dance with the devils on my own tearms as i continue deeper within our nightmares for any kind of freedom for me and my people. a place we can be togheter and feel love once again i draw strenght for those before me that fought for both revolution and evolution as i strive for the solution to our dreams.

my thirst is stronger then my hunger for more as i want to find true love whitin my excicstens of my own paradise as i fight on my own way true the souljah´s story as i have tasted both love and hatred in my search for breaking free from these chains the curse thet my brethrens the three devils put me under. but i shall survive through all means necessary to get to my own redemption

i met god in my time as realty stroke on me i have nothing left whitin the dream i used it all up all i got it terror and nightmares within my soul. but i hell my head up high as i shall conquer this world throught the solution i will reach my own redemption within my own ways that i faught for the holyness in my own holy war as i shall dream once again. i crossed zion within my yourne i swimed walked and flew through babylon. true love i shall find the hatred whitin myself i shall conquer and kill all evil once as my love for my people shall come true.

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