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Shyamananda das - Put the spoon up

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-03-22 10:18

Shyamananda das - Put the spoon up

>The first revolution without a drop of blood<
Put the fork down, put the knife down
put the spoon up, revolution!
No bloodshed, no destruction
If you want peace, just follow the instruction
Verse 1
Each and all, get the meatballs out ya mouth
The industry knocked you down, let's go another round
And this time, if we stay healthy and all that
Refuse to give up, the enemy falls flat
Actually it's all simple; Stop eating animals
All from the flesh to the crap in the candybowls
We're getting dragged through the school of blind teachers
And that's why we need the shield of nine secrets
Open your eyes don't you see where it leads
Are gonna face the truth or flee the field
Skip the piece of meat and eat a meal of peace
Join the Spoonrevolution and quit the evil deeds
Do it now, come on, why do it later?
Things are messed up, we gotta change our behaviour
So instead of exploiting mother nature
Elevate your consciousness to the plane of dedication
Verse 2
Living beings in cages fed up on GMO diets
All a madness, but we don't need no riots
We simply need to know what not to eat
Especially three things; Eggs, fish and meat
So get that off of your plate as soon as possible
And move on, you removed another obstacle
Get out of ignorance, you don't know what it's all about
You would puke if you entered the slaughterhouse
Most meateaters would not be able to kill
They don't see the whole picture which is crazy and ill
They just go to the store and pick it from the shelf
Only caring for the pleasure of themselves
While kids  starving, the grains are exported
To the west; Destruction of the rainforrest
So take part in the revolution three times daily
And follow in the footsteps of Paramadvaiti