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Shyamananda das - Chaitanya

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-03-22 10:27

Shyamananda das - Chaitanya

Verse 1
Sri Advaita called out a prayer from the heart
For the prime benediction for humanity at large
Who descended as the son of Sacimata
To plant in the people the bhaktilata
Just behold the jewel among the brahmanas
Sri Krishna Chaitanya Maha Vadanyaya
Going through the towns and villages of Nadia
Spreading harinam sankirtan the yuga dharma
Defeating scholars without seeking honor
Absorbed in perfect love of Godhead
Nimaisundara, preaching the doctrine
of simultaneous difference and oneness
The holy name is the only way
Without that you will go insane and struggle in this world to no avail
So take it, take the name of Gauranga
And develop sraddha through sadhu sanga

Oh you, whose hue resembles molten gold
Please untie these mayasic ropes
So I can float in the stream of your sweet wishes
Even if I have nothing, I'm still the richest

Verse 2
Great sages gathered to worship the lord
Gauranger arotik sobha jaga jana mana lobha
The sweet lord were seated on a jewelled throne
And forest flowers around his neck shone
Inviting bhaktas to madhurya rasa
Lord Sri Krishna in the mood of Sri Radha
Distributing prema even to the most fallen
Even to a fanatic follower of Charles Darwin
If you wanna dance in ecstasy , search and find thus
Mahaprabhu, the golden volcano of divine love
Deeply sunk into thoughts of himself
Setting an example for us, our great wealth
priti viti acha jata nagar adi gram
sarvatra prachara hoibe mora nam
It has gone everywhere, it came here also
It's up to you to reject or swallow