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Chub - I Wanna Rest In Piece

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-08-01 20:42

Chub - I Wanna Rest In Piece

Testade att skriva något engelskt skit. Kan inte förvänta mig några kommentarer här på Whoa, men får se vad som händer...

I wanna rest in piece

But it seems only those that I called enemies sees death in me

I feel my chest 'n feels

That those who I used to call friends' afraid o' me, a shame to see

I'm fadin' deep, so fake to be a friend 'n still

Pray fo' me when the only thang left is a danger feel

I wanna be placed with the heaven's kids

But I doubt that God'll judge me 'n then place me there

I'll have to face the fear, but it's kinda freakin' me out

I'mma stay to live while I'm bleedin' in thoughts

Screamin' enought, to get the rumor I'm paranoid

But if we're switchin' positions, you'll too be a cryin' one

'Cause when the fire's gone, you'll see a brighter choice

But I admire thou', there's thangs makin' the life keep on

But I keep askin' thou', why the fuck am I rhymin' fo'

When it feels like me life struggles on a tiny cord