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Quken feat. Chub - Embrace Me

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-08-24 20:04

Quken feat. Chub - Embrace Me

En text som handlar om att man har problem med kärleken. Knappt upptäckt av kvinnan i ens hjärta...

Embrace me; capture me in your loving arms
I’m amazed by your innocent pure shoving charm
Embrace me; let me feel your vicinity and warmth
Without you, my heart literally bleeds
I feel this pain inside, the pain you so rarely sees
It’s created by the loneliness I feel in nighttimes
And the dream stops with you being my spite wife
If my heart was a prison, you’ll be there for a lifetime
Can’t help thinking of marriage cause you’re the right one
Embrace me; please just give me a chance to love
Fulfil my dreams; give me a dance to the octave
Just give me something…anything you want!
Save me from flaws, notice me! Your look is gaunt…
Embrace me; Look at me as I look at you, with love!
Despite your doubts, and all of your touts, I just wanna shout
Cause I’m about to have a bout! My complains is getting worn-out…

I want ya to embrace me / and even tho' I'm only one
Of them afraid teens I'm willin' to get engaded with
You, 'cause your so pure 'n fine
And nothin' else then ýou is makin' me refuse the life
'Cause your my fuel, my mind is gettin' twisted
I'm chasing fitness, the world ain't suitable, creating thinkin'
'Bout the other guys 'n I bet you doesn't know I'm exists
And that is hard, if this is a  war then I'm the one that resists
To lose, 'cause what would I be if I lost my heart?
This is to strong to fall because I know, those boys are not
The right ones for you so that would be a loss to far
Away from the victorious queen, you know you are
But I feel weak, my only true love doesn't know who I am
And I'm so horrified, doesn't even dare to go for a chance
But embrace me, embrace me, let me feel like I'm real
'Cause I would feel lika a king if I could conquer my queen