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sleezy vers - W1LdZtyL3

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2010-05-12 21:22

sleezy vers - W1LdZtyL3

med inspiration från stukad's tråd; http://www.whoa.nu/forum/var-hiphop/lyricism/687766/1.aspx så la jag en egen vers på samma instrumental.


I were in the shop and, she was windowshoppin'. /
Our eyes met, my hands reached, but the window blocked em, /
so i dropped all i had at once, and headed out the store. /
But i had lost her tracks. man, she was gone. No more. /

Started to walk the streets, hoping of meeting her, /
dragged into a maze, but knew, that she was deep in there. /
Couldn't believe myself now, how mad had i become? /
I followed her tracks, but the trace of her were still unknown. /

Got back on my direction, found me a kicking-stone, /
put my head back on place and then headed back home. /
Thought about her all day long, and then the next that came. /
How much i ever tried, those eyes just wasn't set to faint. /

Say what could be her name? And what could be her story? /
Does she have a boy already? Maybe she's hella boring? /
But all i knew was, she was gone for ever. No deny. /
Memories who live, will die, they always pass away through time. /

And it was just like that, until a day i stopped when...
she was in the shop and, i was windowshoppin'...
and our eyes met like that. But this time i dropped in.


Är ingen einstein vad det gäller engelsk grammatik, men antar att det är läsligt!