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2014-03-13 17:43

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The whole world's a sweatshop, a fascist regime
With billions of parts working as a massive machine
The goal, keep the masses passive between
Self, cash, limousines and other fabulous things
But, we gotta wake up and notice it's a load of shit
It's all about ownership of your soul and who's controllin' it
It's not about the gold you get, not about the clothes you're in
It's not about oil, but we're killing each other over it
Like a Doberman, chomping on a cat
It's a new world order, and they're bombin on Iraq
And it's so fucking heartless, the whole country's starved
And yet they've been targeted as a threat regardless
This all started in days prior to ours
They arrived from the stars, and survived in the dark
Now it's time for the hearts of men
To march against it
And realize that the cycle starts and ends with…

- Sweatshop Union - Us